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How the site works ------------------ There is a maximum of 20 threads and each one can have 250 replies before becoming inactive. The least active thread gets deleted when a new one is created. Start a thread -------------- Use the comment form at the bottom of the front page to start a new thread. Title is required. Remember to type the verification. Reply to a thread ----------------- Use the comment form in the respective thread location to reply. Again, remember to type the verification. Quoting Posts ------------- To quote a post click the post number to the left of the comment you wish to quote and ">>the#" will appear in your comment field. Your can also simply type ">>the#" and it will link just the same. Using a single ">" in front of a post will create italicized text after the ">", which is helpful for highlighting a quote. Delete a post ------------- You can delete your own post by clicking the delete button next to your post on the right hand side. /cat/box knows it is your post through a cookie in your browser. If you clear the cookies or try to delete from another browser or computer /cat/box won't let you. Sage ---- Sage is a term for replying to a post without "bumping", or preserving and promoting the thread. If you wish to reply to a thread without affecting it's position in the activity stream, type "sage" in the link field when you post. Remember, sage is not a downvote. Tripcode -------- Tripcodes can give you a unique identity when replying to a thread so people know you are in fact the author of two or more posts. To create a Tripcode type one or two (either works) exclamation points before a secret phrase in the name field to generate an identity that cannot be faked. ie "john doe !!secret" in the name field will produce "john doe !!F4yxEE3k" where john doe is bold and the !!F4yxEE3k is not. This name formating is unique to tripcodes.
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