Atlantean Frescoes

Works by
Travis Iurato




Atlantean Frescoes is a new body of work inspired by Iurato’s 2014 visit to Bavon, VA. The artist reflects on the water and marine motifs while imagining the frescoed walls that would decorate the mythical lost city of Atlantis. Iurato seeks to “touch people in a deep place, to stir them with ancient feelings” and simultaneously “excite them with something new.” His series of slab-like patterned paintings in ink echo preserved artifacts while speaking to life by the water in the 21st century.

Travis Iurato (born 1985, Tucson) lives and works in Flagstaff, AZ where he is the Artistic Director of the Flagstaff Arts Council and co-directs curatorial project New Age Drinks. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Cooper Union in New York in 2009. Iurato currently has an exhibition 100 Dibujos de 100 Cosas at the Museum of Northern Arizona and has also shown his work at venues including Satellite Contemporary (Las Vegas), Studio DTFU (Dallas), Ferro-Strouse Gallery (Miami) and Recession Art (Brooklyn).

November 26-December 17, 2016

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